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How clean is my house?

How clean is my house?

The service time needed to clean depends greatly on the condition of your home when we arrive for the initial Deep Clean. We use six different qualifiers to determine the condition of homes, described briefly below.


Spotless – this is typically only applicable to vacation rentals or 2nd homes (minimal use). Very tidy; No pets or kids; Nothing that needs deep cleaning or scrubbing.


Professionally Maintained – home/office is already receiving professional cleaning at least twice a month. Home is low use. Baseboards, cabinets, floors need very light cleaning or just spot cleaning.


Maintained – home/office is being fully scrubbed down at least monthly by professional cleaning service or home owner. Very mild build up in a moderately used home. Some soap scum and light grime starting but mild/just starting; Pet hair, fingerprints, dust are starting – but mild in condition.


Kept up but lived in – home/office is high use and is surface cleaned; yet, it has places that will need additional cleaning support. There will be some areas of build up that require scrubbing. This condition is about 60% of homes we do.


A well used home – Hasn’t been professionally cleaned within the last year. There is substantial build up in multiple areas that will require heavy cleaning support to bring up to a Condition 2 level. Substantial dirt/dust/grime on floors/baseboards and/or walls, etc.


A well used home that needs a special kind of love – home/office hasn’t had a thorough cleaning in a year or longer, if ever. May require a 2nd visit to catch everything up to a Condition 2 level.