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How to go green…

Getting rid of toxins in your home – and getting your home healthy – doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In a few easy steps you can improve your indoor air quality and decrease your exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes. Making the shift to natural cleaning products will also help the environment outside of your home: by decreasing the amount of chemicals that are release into our soil, water supply, and air you are contributing to the shift toward eco-friendly, healthier ways of living for everyone.

Step 1. Get rid of the toxic cleaning products in your home. The City of Seattle has designated chemical waste drop locations. Call us for more details.

Step 2. Switch to natural cleaning products.

Relax, there are some brands and companies that you CAN TRUST. Below is a list of companies that offer safe and consistent alternatives to chemical cleaning products:

Shaklee – www.shaklee.com

BioKleen – www.biokleenhome.com

Zum: www.indigowild.com/shopping/zum-clean.cfm