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Standard Deep Clean OR Deep Steam-Sanitizing Clean

Standard Deep Clean – Bring your home back to a maintained condition with our “Standard Deep Clean”. Our Standard Deep Clean is the initial cleaning service, before moving into a Standard Clean maintenance program. It can also be scheduled as a one time service (think: Spring cleaning or pre-holiday cleaning!). Has it been too long since your home or office has been on a consistent cleaning program? Is soap scum building up in your shower? Are dust bunnies and pet hair taking over? We suggest our Standard Deep Clean to bring your home up to a throughly maintained condition.

Deep Steam-Sanitizing Clean (or Eco-Friendly Anti-Microbial Program, EFAM) – Our steam vapor systems, equipped with TANCS®, according to the EPA, provide these benefits:

  • Human coronavirus 229E (99.94% reduction in 3 seconds)
  • Harder-to-kill viruses, such as canine parvovirus (99.99% reduction in 7 seconds)

TANCS®-equipped steam cleaners are scientifically proven to kill hazardous bacteria in just 3 seconds. That’s a better kill rate than a 20-minute exposure to bleach. This service is available as an add-on to our Standard Deep Clean.